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Mission Statement

The mission of the Dogs for Cures Foundation is to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals with catastrophic diseases such as type 1 diabetes and lung cancer by providing medical service dogs that are trained to use their senses and service abilities to improve quality and length of life for patients 24 hours per day.

Dogs for Cures Foundation is dedicated to:
  1. Training medical service dogs.
  2. Educating physicians, patients and the public about the value of medical service dogs to improve health by providing diagnostic support through their sensitive sense of smell, reducing medical complications through their monitoring of medical changes in a patient, and improving quality of life through their ability to support patient independence and safety.
  3. Improving the medical service dog industry through scientific research to validate the benefits of medical service dogs and to establish best practices in the training of medical service dogs and their owners/patient partners.

Dogs for Cures Funding
  • D.A.D training awards
  • Wildrose D.A.D Conference Scholarships
  • Dogs for Cures Workshop Scholarships
  • Webinar for continuing education and support of existing DAD teams

  • Need scientific proof that canines can detect hypo-and hyperglycemia in their human handler
  • To date mostly anecdotal evidence or survey no real time tracking studies
  • Can technology clone what a dog’s nose knows?

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Dogs for Cures is part of Cures Within Reach, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving patient quality and length of life through repurposing existing drugs and devices for new uses. We love including dogs in our broad definition of 'existing devices' to support patients! Learn more at www.cureswithinreach.org

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